Purpose of the brand


Maykesh is a brand of it's time. Developing a taste takes a lifetime, having awareness takes a visionary leader who doesn’t believe in dilemmas. There is always a third route, there is always a third option and very often, we create that path. That’s the challenge that Maykesh took.

Maykesh's mission is to convey the traditional Moroccan character to modern clothes. We mix the Moroccan cultural heritage and craftsmanship to create pieces with integrity and soul.

By combining traditional oriental clothing, finest fabrics and craft techniques, Maykesh is designed to promote and honor the ornaments of traditional Moroccan clothes.

Maykesh's clothing lines are made from recycled fabrics, so by purchasing Maykesh's item, you join the company's effort to promote sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Maykesh is driven by a much more specific, purer aim: to help change the impact that fashion has on our environment.