Who's behind Maykesh?

Maykesh was founded by Lina Benqassmi.

Lina, a Master in Public Relations from University of Montreal, has a long history with the fashion industry that dates from childhood. As a youngster, clothing would be created to help fit personal taste. Always independent and open-minded about taking on new opportunities, Lina seen this as a chance to be unique.

Fuelled by a deep desire to make change possible, Lina has the sole aim of helping people to look at fashion from a more unique, environmentally-friendly viewpoint.

Growing up in Canada, Lina maintains a rich and lasting connection to her origins back in native Morocco. Having helped to transmit a deep value of family, culture and togetherness, she is a true embodiment of the welcoming and friendly nature that makes the culture of Morocco such a wonderful place to live.

She carries a unique blend of traditional Moroccan spirit, orientalism and Canadian modernism. This helped to develop a brand that had the sole aim of transmitting and honouring the oriental character of modern clothing, creating a best-of-both-worlds solution that recipients of this unique clothing line can enjoy.

Not just a passionate and committed fashion designer and individual thinker, Lina created Maykesh to help embody a more ecological yet chic vision of modern fashion.